May 11, 2011

Love Life

Today I was Jammin' in my garden with my African Herbsman, Bob Marley. It was the perfect choice of music for a four hour adventure in gardening.

I grew up on garden produce. The only time I had shit from a can was at school, and I hated it usually. Peas, green beans and corn taste awful from a can when you are used to fresh stuff. These are the reasons that my dad gets so pist when I comment on going "green." The Henton household has always been "greener" than most.

Today was a big day in the garden, and perhaps the day when I fell head over heels in love with gardening. When I step into my fenced in sanctuary the troubles go away (the reggae helps also) I am in the beginning stages of currently, but when I finish my garden is going to be pretty fucking rad.

Currently I have 6 beds and 20 tomato plants. I planted the first four and then left for a few days, when I came back my Amai had planted 16 more! What the hell she thinks we are going to do with 20 tomato plants is beyond me. We will probably sell them when they are as green as apples. (Zambians are not the most patient people when it comes to waiting for food)

Today I planted onions, radishes and carrots. My family is not really into the unknown. As it turns out Zambians are not that into flavor or the unknown.

Since I am often gone and gardens require daily care, Amai is second in charge. Then when it comes to harvest, if I am gone Amai gets the goods. I devoted a bed and a half just for her and my Atate. There is a popular veg here called rape (great name huh?) that my Atate is obsessed with so I had to get it for the man. :)

Tomorrow I vow to begin digging before 11:00. Digging beds at African high noon is not a good idea at all, in fact it is fucking stupid, but I keep doing it. My village thinks that white people don't feel heat. My village friends know that it is actually just stupdiity. Many passerbys stopped in today to say "Maggie, it is very hot right now, tomorrow start earlier." I reply telling them that I know. Then as they walk away, under my breath I mutter, I am just fucking stupid that is all...

Tomorrow I have big plans for a small herb garden. (Not of the Bob Marley variety mom, don't worry.) There are going to be some flower beds and a few more beds for veg so that I can cut down on my monthly grocery bill...all 20 dollars of it. :)

I am officially a green thumb now.

"I just want to keep my love life burning" Bob Marley

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