April 20, 2011

Status: Bwino

Facebook Statuses I never posted:

Maggie Anne Henton is obsessed with the way my new hut looks when it is lit by candlelight.

Maggie Anne Henton gardening with Bob Marley today. He is upset about the grass that I am not growing.

Maggie Anne Henton Today a kid told me that I could buy babies in town for 500,000 kwacha. About 100 USD. Been here a year and had no idea.

Maggie Anne Henton Because of my beloved garden my life takes about 60 Liters of water daily. That takes me an hour to collect. I miss running water.

Maggie Anne Henton Felt like a runner again this week...I bled through my sock twice this week. :)

Maggie Anne Henton has graduated from a Zambian baby to a Zambian toddler. I can now eat a whole stalk of sugar cane...but I still needed my Amai to start it for me. That shit hurts your teeth.

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