September 6, 2009

Naked and Blogging

So, it has been nearly a week since my first entry. I can’t quit thinking about it either, I loved the feeling of blogging and now find myself constantly wondering what bit of inspiration will get my fingers moving across the keys again. Though I am sure I have plenty of good ideas I am often tripped up by the all to human state of mind…”what if it isn’t that good?” That thought usually immediately counteracted by my who gives a fuck attitude, again followed by something negative like “who the hell is gonna read it anyways Magz?” Then a few days ago whilst surfing through one of my daily websites I found something that would help me with this attitude….

The 10,000 hour rule. Simple as it sounds, writer Malcom Gladwell makes the simple observation that anyone that is considered an expert in any given field spent at least 10,000 hours to get to that point. I don’t know why this seems like such an outlandish concept: Michael Jordan, hours and hours on the court to be the best, Michael Phelps, hour upon miles upon laps in the pool to be the best, Jason Mraz, hours and hours and hours for me to consider him a musical genius, John Grisham, hours and hours in front of the his computer to be able to hold me at his attention from cover to cover. I am no running expert, but I have spent well over 10,000 hours and miles into before I could finally call it my own, why should me wanting to write more often be any different than my desire to run. I know that to get better I have to put in the miles. To become a better blogger that some of you might actually enjoy reading, this will be the riff-raff that had to come first.

It is with this in mind that I stripped down to my naked self it is then that I am most comfortable, (Clothes are annoying and often get in the way) Selected my all too often played Jason Mraz Playlist (I am happiest when his extraordinary voice is filling my ears and my head with fantasies) and set out to write this entry. Though this entry it isn’t anything explicitly inspirational, I wrote it and I am now approximately 9,999 hours closer to becoming an expert in blogging. And you all get to read the progress hour by hour, entry by entry.

I wonder if I would still be as enthralled with the above mentioned Jason and John if their earliest works were available for my viewing pleasure. I wonder what my English teachers would think of my grammar. I wonder what my mom and grandmothers are going to think about my use of the word fuck in my entries. I imagine when I get really comfortable in my blogging the swear words will increase ten fold. I am confident that the grannies and Mamma Julie will continue loving me despite my affluent use of four letter words.

Yours in Nakedness-


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