February 16, 2010

Even Jesus Had A Last Supper

So, this is the last blog that I will be writing from the States for quite some time. I just wanted really quick to give everyone the skinny on what has happened these past 48 hours.

Monday morning 10:30, said goodbye to family and Matt. That pretty much sucked ass...there is just no other way to say it...sorry Grandma. Yes I cried the entire 2 hour flight to Philly which is where I am now.

From Philly caught a shuttle to the hotel was at the hotel by 3:30 local time. I then just hung out in the room until 5:00ish when my badass roommate from Detroit showed up, and thank God we instantly hit it off. 6:00 had a quick Peace Corps registration which was much more like herding cattle than anything formal.

Side note about the hotel: We are staying at the Holiday Inn, Historic District. 400 Arch St to be exact, I think. I say this because they have been the most amazing group of staff in a hotel ever! They have helped with everything we have needed. Been prompt and nicer than necessary, and if you are ever in Philly needing a place to stay, regardless of the cost I suggest you look this place up. It is worth it!

This takes us to this morning...Got up at 6:15 to get yellow fever and H1N1 shot. The yellow fever made me have a fever from 3:00 until current and at times I fell a little like I am on a boat in the middle of a lake on a windy day.

After that went and saw the Philly sights with a few of the girls. Had Subway and a Dr. Pepper for my last lunch. (Shout out Casey!) Saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall which was pretty snazzy.

Then at 1:00 we started our Staging stuff at Peace Corps trainees. There was supposed to be 53 of us, 49 made it. So we already have defeated some odds! We felt good about it.

After this got over at 6:00ish 20 of us went to an Italian restaurant for our last supper. I had Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo for my last meal and two beers. Pretty good beer actually...which is why I had two.

Tonight/this morning at 2:00 we leave Philly to head for the JFK Airport in NYC so that we can make our 10:30 flight to Johannesburg South Africa..For those of you that have made the trip from Philly to NYC or visa versa before you know that this leaves a hell of a lot of time to get there...this is apparently how the Peace Corps operates.

So, that is all! I wrote this in a blazing fury so if things don't make sense DON'T JUDGE ME, after all, I am leaving for Africa tomorrow for 2 years! Oh my goodness. And no, it doesn't seem real yet. Thank you again for all of your support and love throughout the past few months...it has not gone un-noticed.

I was never not going to come here...this was never not going to happen. -Unknown (And by "Unknown" I mean to me right now because I don't have my quote book in front of me.)


  1. Ooh, Maggie, you are in for such an exciting time! Thank you for sharing with us..you are the perfect person to be having this adventure. You will grow, and you will grow the world.

  2. Magz, You are my darling... and my hero! Keep us posted please! We think of you always in Brooklyn.

  3. Just read through your blog and definately got a lil teary eyed....this weekend matt was at the rents house and asked " Mom.....do you think a regular stamp will get mail all the way to Africa? or how much do you think it costs? Seeing as my mother has never had a pen pal in Africa thus far in her life she did not know the right answer but suggested a trip to the post office to ensure his mail gets sent your way! :) It made me smile...and think of you and thought I would share!