December 10, 2009

Baby Its Cold Outside

There are some things that they don’t tell about life after graduation. For instance, it is completely and totally possible to not have anything that you need to be doing. During undergrad procrastination is an assumed state of mind, there is always a paper that could use your attention or an assignment that you could have put a little bit more time into, but there was also always something interesting on ESPN or CMT for me. I mean, sure there are things that I could do right now, I could start my 1 load of laundry, I could put stamps on all of my Christmas cards that need to be mailed. But there is really nothing that I need to be doing right now. Since there was nothing that I needed to be doing and I was having an incredible Carrie Bradshaw moment I thought that a little note would be a worthy time sucker.

I leave for Zambia in a little over 2 months. This is a concept that I am so scared of and so excited about it keeps me awake at night sometimes…and by sometimes I mean often. So many things about it will be drastically different. For instance right now in Zambia the average temperature is 68 degrees, here in Hastings Nebraska right now it is 5 degrees. Here, currently the roads are bad because they are so packed with inches and inches of snow that they are almost hardly drive-able. In Zambia however the roads are dirt and probably muddy right now since it is the rainy season.

Things are starting to seem real now though. Just 8 days ago I turned in my 2 weeks notice at my place of employment. I was so nervous about doing this that I am pretty sure in the days leading up to it I am pretty sure I developed an irregular heartbeat. The girls at work took it well and were far more supportive than I had anticipated them being. At this point in time I only have one week of work left and I’m excited about that. As checkpoints such as this approach this whole process seems more real.

I can’t wait to someday be writing a post from somewhere in Zambia. Stay tuned….

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