November 13, 2009

Music Is What God Wants Us To Do

Hello all. I was a little bored today at work and was listening to some reggae music (mostly Marley) to perk myself up. The sadness of summer leaving me and winter setting in was getting to be too much today. The simple and happy beat of reggae music was enough to keep my spirits positive. In my boredom I thought that I would write a little note commenting on some of my favorite song lyrics!

Courage is the triumph of the soul
I know where I wanna walk;
I know where I wanna go
So come put your hand in mine
Everybody's welcome
Music is what God wants us to do
Sing a song for me; I'll sing a song for you
When we put our voices together,We create a harmony

-Jason Mraz, Anything You want

One love, one heart
Lets get together and feel alright
As it was in the beginning
So it shall be in the end
Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will be alright
-Bob Marley, One Love

Quench me when I'm thirsty; Come on and cool me down, baby, when I'm hot. Your recipe is, - darlin' - is so tasty, When you show and stir your pot.
So: stir it up, oh! Little darlin', stir it up; wo, now! Come on and stir it up, oh-ah! Little darlin', stir it up!
-Bob Marley, Stir It Up

Those are probably my three favorite reggae songs of all time. The 1st two have an unbeatable message and the 3rd on just has such an addicting sound you can't help but wiggle to it. I am glad I started this blog so I have something to do in times like these at work. I hope that you have a happy Friday!

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