June 9, 2012

What I Binge On

There are some songs right now that I just seriously can not get enough of.  I can't help it.  I could listen to them over and over and over again.  

Gotye~ Somebody That I Used To Know  This one starts in my little toes and before I know it my whole body is moving in this really awkward way to match this beat.  If that wasn't good enough, I can feel myself relax as the song goes on.  Plus this video is seriously stellar!

Olly Murs~ Dance With Me Tonight  Full blown wiggle party in the making!  I dance like no one is watching no matter who is watching, which I think is the way it is supposed to be anyway.  In my fantasy life I am constantly a member of a flash mob, and this song is dying to have one created around it.  Even the video knows it.

Fun.~ We Are Young This is a song that you scream at the top of your lungs at the end of the night with all of your best friends singing and dancing along side you.  Memories are made to this song.  I am ashamed to admit how much I have listened to it since I have been back in America.  Thankfully people at the gym forgive my swaying and epic dance moves as it plays on and on!  The good news...the rest of their album is, well, FUN!

Fun.~ Some Nights It is the opening hook.  It was out of my hands from the start.

Christina Perri~ Distance  Again, the amount of times that I have listened to this song since discovery is a bit embarrassing, and that was before I discovered that my main squeeze Mraz was involved.  She is lovely, but I am quite jealous of her.  

Jason Mraz~ 93 Million Miles  And as I get ready to leave for Zambia again, I am making this song my mantra.  "You can always come back home."



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